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Romanzo psicologico della dottoressa Simona Bennardo ambientato a Como
Il Piano Di Volo Delle Libellule

Giulia has an enigma in her past to solve

Alex a story he never wanted to tell

Stella a future to be decided

In the psychotherapist's study, these three stories are intertwined, each revealing a plot of its own. And a resolution possible only when it is possible to look at yourself with a new and different look. With each session, each look changes the direction of life and creates a turning point, up to the final solution.

In this novel, whose patients and related stories are the result of the author's imagination, it will be possible to see a little more closely what happens in the study of a psychotherapist.

Romanzo psicologico della dottoressa Simona Bennardo ambientato a Como
Manuale Di Intervisione

Telling an experience and translating it into a model. For more than ten years, a group of psychotherapists of various training has met regularly to discuss clinical cases: over time, the path taken together has turned into a real evolutionary path.

So what is intervision?

How does a peer comparison group arise, grow and develop over time?

The GiPsy group (Psychotherapists Intervision Group) has set itself a specific task: to take an introspective point of view to identify the coordinates of its functioning, explain them conceptually and transfer them on a theoretical-practical descriptive level.

The volume is aimed primarily at psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors, already trained or in training and can be used in the basic training and updating of all professionals who help and support the person, family or groups; as well as to all health professionals, the social and the social health system.

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La Vendetta Mi Renderà Felice

Susanna Sogni, psychologist, makes ends meet by receiving her patients in a rented studio, inside a strange condominium. Just in her study, the owner, Angelica Nani, was found dead with whom Susanna had had a heated discussion a few days earlier. The suspicions fall on Susanna who is arrested as a suspect.

La Corsia Dei Veicoli Lenti

Simona Bennardo has always felt like a candidate for health: she has a job she loves, an affectionate companion, hobbies and interests in large quantities, as well as friends. How then is it that at some point in his life he stumbles on a tumor? The diagnosis is shocking and life changes suddenly, in a completely different direction. There is disease, the fear of dying, the confrontation with fluctuating emotions and difficult situations. But in all this you also have to deal with your own character: and Simona has something to sell. It so happens that in this story nothing taken for granted never happens and even the most dramatic moments are overcome with the number one dowry: a certain crazy optimism that never abandons it. Between smiles and tears, twists and romantic moments, a story that could only be dramatic becomes a story with a happy ending.

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