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Cos’è psicoemotivo

What is Psicoemotivo moving emotions

Therapists specialized in cognitive-constructivist psychotherapy work at the Psycho & Reason studio.

Our areas of expertise are related to developmental age, adolescence, individual therapy (anxiety, panic, eating disorders, depressive episodes) and couple therapy.

We are used to collaborating with general practitioners, psychiatrists and other specialist figures. We collaborate with fellow psychotherapists in the context of co-therapies where this special competence is foreseen.

At the psychoemotional study you can find specialists in parenting, including adoptive parenting, precisely because at the studio reference is made to the theory of attachment and over time a particular specialization has been developed aimed at adoptive couples throughout their journey: from the choice to deposit a willingness to adopt the adoption path in its entirety, up to support in particular moments of crisis.

The mission of the psychoemotional study is the project to combine psychological well-being with the achievement of an emotional and personal balance, a basic aspect for a happy adaptation to the rhythms of modern life.



The activity of "Psycho & motif" revolves around training in cognitive-constructivist psychotherapy. The interventions, both individual, as a couple and in a group, aim to develop and achieve psychological well-being, overcoming the moments of crisis that motivate the request for psychological help through a psychotherapeutic path. The activity of "Psycho & Reason" also consists of group activities, dedicated to building a satisfying and emotionally rich quality of life.

At the studio there is particular attention and preparation with respect to the world of adoptions: for all adoptive parents, for couples aspiring to adoption and for those who wish to tackle a specific path of deepening with respect to this issue.


In summary:

- Individual psychotherapy aimed at adults

- Short speeches aimed at teenagers

- Couple therapy

- Family interventions

- Paths specifically dedicated to adoption

- Working groups on emotional intelligence

- Groups dedicated to self-esteem

- Groups dedicated to building personal happiness

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