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Dott.ssa Simona Bennardo

Dr. Simona Bennardo


My name is Simona Bennardo and following a personal attitude, I chose to make my profession in the psychological field: after graduating in clinical psychology in 1996, I specialized in Psychotherapy at the Como school "Center of Cognitive Therapy" in 2002, finding my theoretical point of reference in the constructivist cognitive orientation.

In 2002 I opened my private studio, which over time has taken the name of "Psycho & motif ... emotions on the move". As the experience evolved, in fact, I became passionate about emotional intelligence and communication, two aspects that I cultivate particularly.

Thanks to my work experience (in counseling as a psychologist, in court as CTU, in classrooms as a teacher and in collaboration with prestigious professionals and institutions), I have developed a particular competence in couples issues, in individual psychotherapy, in adoptive issues as well as in the conduct of groups.

I conduct training rooms dedicated to communication, conflict and emotional intelligence; all areas that I have been passionate about for some time.

Since 2013, alongside clinical and training activities, I have conducted group meetings mainly dedicated to the construction of personal happiness (dedicated to those who have finished a psychotherapy and want to explore the path of well-being and happiness), to the implementation of emotional intelligence , to self-esteem (loving each other: why not?).

Since 2014 I have also been working as Honorary Judge at the Juvenile Court, where I deal with national and international adoption.

In my spare time, I love writing. In addition to the Intervision Manual, which you can find in the library published by Mimesis, I have published an e-book to introduce readers to psychotherapy: the flight plan of dragonflies, available online.

Now that you know something more about me, I can greet you with a goodbye: you are all welcome at the Psycho & reason studio, where you will find professionalism, hospitality, availability, listening and above all kindness!

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