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About Us

About Psico&motivo

Welcome to our website and, if you wish, also at the Psico & motif studio in Via Bignanico 3 in Como.

We welcome each person as a precious asset, respecting the moment they are experiencing.

Whether it's for a psychotherapy course, to face a moment of crisis

or to build a stronger relationship with your partner or with your children.

We make ourselves available, with our professionalism, knowing that everything is born within ourselves.

And that's where we can work together to build a better life.

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Who we are

Immagine simbolica dello studio psicoemotivo a Como
What is psicoemotivo

Therapists specializing in cognitive-constructivist psychotherapy work at the Psycho & Reason studio.

Our areas of expertise are related to developmental age, adolescence, individual therapy (anxiety, panic, eating disorders, depressive episodes) and couple therapy.

Simona Bennardo

My name is Simona Bennardo and following a personal attitude, I chose to make my profession in the psychological field: after graduating in clinical psychology in 1996, I specialized in Psychotherapy at the Como school "Center of Cognitive Therapy" in 2002, finding my theoretical point of reference in the constructivist cognitive orientation.

Immagine delle attività  di gruppo e laboratori Psicoemotivo Lab Como

Various projects are structured at the Psycho & Motif studio, the realization of which is possible thanks to the precious collaboration with:

Valentina Princigalli, psychologist and psychotherapist in training,

Dr. Nadia Peduzzi,

psychologist and psychotherapist in training,

Dr. Andrea Pini,

psychologist expert in school psychology and psychotherapist in training,

Alice Aceto, psychologist and psychotherapist.




Via Marco Enrico Bossi 8 22100 Como  - Italy

Tel: 031 4134572


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